Who am I

My Story

In 2007 I was tipping the scales at almost 17 stone with a hectic job, 3 children, and I was a serial yoyo dieter and drinking far too much wine. I was desperately unhappy with my body and my self image was at an all time low.

I hired a personal trainer with the remit to teach me to run – 5k in 3 months, 10 miles in 6 months and a marathon in a year. I learned so much and it changed my life forever. I wanted to give people the tools that he had given me, so I retrained and here I am.

At Last Chance Workout we can help you, we understand your barriers, and the excuses and reasons you have yet to start on your fitness journey and between us We Can Change You!


My name is Clare and I started Last Chance Workout because of my life experiences and I know how to help. What makes me different? …I used to be you!