Hello – as you may already know, I’m Clare. I’m a Professional Personal Trainer.

Most clients I’ve talked to after they’ve made significant progress on their program usually tell me the same thing – Getting started is the hardest part! Once they got past that, and understood that they had a plan to stick to, the rest wasn’t nearly as difficult.

It’s vitally important to get you on that life-changing journey. Let’s completely transform how you look at food and exercise forever. At Last Chance Workout we will help you get there! With a plan, the tools, and the support, you’ll reach every goal that YOU set for yourself!

Nutrition Programmes

Nutritional programs vary depending on a client’s needs:

  • A bespoke nutritional plan discussed and designed just for you
  • Templates for you to build your own diet based around your lifestyle and personal preferences
  • A discussion about your current diet, with tweaks over a period of time
  • Your own food diary to be kept and discussed
  • Nutritional programs offered on-line to clients who wish to change their eating habits but who prefer to follow their own exercise program

It requires a PLAN. It requires COMMITMENT. It’s time to stop making excuses, and start setting goals!
The most difficult part is STARTING on the path.

Stop making the usual cop-outs, excuses, and rationalizations:

  • “I will eat healthy and exercise – starting tomorrow!”
  • “I know what I need to do, I just can’t find the motivation!”
  • “What’s the point? I’ve been this way too long. It’s too late…”
  • “It’s the wrong time of year”
  • “I’m too busy!”
  • “I was just born to be overweight.”

We have heard them all, and probably so have you. It’s time to stop making excuses, and initiate a real transformation in your life.

Make That Crucial Change!

The key to making a permanent, life-altering change is to incorporate it into your real life. Set reasonable, attainable goals, have realistic expectations, and take it STEP BY STEP.

Stop Falling for Fads and Lofty Promises.

There are plenty of “magic” solutions and products on the market that promise you changes, without any work involved. Don’t believe them! It takes commitment and yes, effort to get and stay fitter and healthier.

Achieve better health, happiness and more –

But there’s a catch.
The catch is… you have to start. Stop talking about it, stop making empty promises, and wishing things will change. That time is over.

The time to start is now.