Getting a good night’s sleep …

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about what you do when you go to bed; what you do earlier in the evening can influence how well you sleep.  Here are some great routines to follow for a good night’s sleep. Breakfast in the morning. Sticking to a routine and eating breakfast at the same time each day can help regulate your body clock. Getting outside. Having some daylight exposure early in the morning can help your body clock reset.  As the day goes on your body clock can count down towards night, making you feel sleepier towards the evening. Watch the caffeine. Having a couple of coffees during the day isn’t a problem, but watch the overall level of caffeine, and if you are sensitive to caffeine then ensure you take your coffee earlier in the day. Work it … Continue reading

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Need a brain ‘spring clean’?

We all lead very busy lives these days and it is easy to let life get the better of us.  Feeling tired all the time, using sugar and caffeine to give us a boost, and keeping on the treadmill of life without taking a break.  Looking after our mind is so important so here are so ways we can take some down time and keep healthy. List the good stuff. It’s really easy to get bogged down in all that is a challenge in our lives, so take some time out and write down everything that is good in your life and take time to reflect on what is good. Cut back on sugar. If you need that 3pm sugar boost to get you through the afternoon, why not try something else rather than a sugary snack.  A protein snack … Continue reading

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Motivation made simple

It may seem like will power and motivation is never enough and we can’t get motivated to choose the healthy option. Here’s a few suggestions to invigorate your motivation: Make an exercise date with yourself. Remove the element of ‘surprise’ / ‘if I feel like it’ / ‘if I have time’.  If it’s in the diary, you’ll feel more like you ‘have’ to exercise to ‘tick it off’. Exercise with a friend, thereby making yourself accountable. No-one likes to let a friend down, and it’s a lot more fun with a friend. Even a ‘short spurt’ is better than nothing. ‘Every little helps’, as the saying goes … If you’re not up to your usual 45 minutes work-out, try a 10 minute walk.  Do something rather than nothing. Use apps to help you track your activity and to help you … Continue reading

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A guide to summer drinking

The summer hits us and there is nothing nicer than sitting outside of an evening with a cold beer or a glass of wine. But! There is a balance between enjoying the summer and not piling on the pounds. Hidden Calories It’s amazing how many of us spend a huge amount of time looking at a food menu trying to work out what to eat without sabotaging our diet ,but then ordering a large glass of wine or two, ignoring the calories in alcohol.    The average drinker consumes 10% of their calorie intake in the form of alcohol! The Sun Trap When the sun is out and the nights are long, we tend to socialize more, which often leads us to drink more.  When it’s warmer, we feel thirsty and drink quickly, the wine or beer does not quench our … Continue reading

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Good gut health

The subject of ‘good gut health’ is high on the media watch list at the moment with plenty of scientific research stacking up.  With autoimmune diseases on the up, along with the increased use of antibiotics, our gut is suffering. Here are some ways to boost your gut health: Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and sprouts are anti-inflammatory, so getting in at least one serving a day is important. Olive oil is great for cooking. When cooking, ensure that you always cook at a low heat and enjoy the olive oil in salads as a dressing.  Olive oil has beneficial natural substances and is therapeutic too, which makes it a great gut food. Ginger aids digestion as it stimulates digestive acids, therefore supporting the digestion of food and nutrient absorption and assimilation. Sauerkraut and other fermented foods are great for us. The … Continue reading

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Fitness crazes around the world …

Think your exercise classes are a little ‘normal’ or boring – here are some of the latest ideas in fitness… Zuu – if you love animals; think frog squats, bear crawls, gorilla jumps – started in Australia for mums and dads who want to incorporate exercise with their kids. Obstacle Training – think Ninja Warrior.  Run, swing and pull up using your own body weight through various obstacles.  Started in Japan and now a craze world wide. Napercise – not just a way to be lazy.  45% of adults don’t get enough shut-eye. Boxing raves – A boxing session with a live DJ / Fight Klub style.  Started in the UK (where else?) Boot camp with a conscience – Free weekly classes for the homeless, helping them to make positivie lifestyle choices and re-intergrate back into society.  Scotland for this … Continue reading

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Making small changes for big results!

Small changes can mean big results.  Or take small steps instead of giant leaps! Here’s just a few ideas of small changes that can bring big results for the effort… Add more water to your daily intake – reduce sugary soft drinks, fancy coffees and wine … Water keeps you hydrated without all the hidden calories of nutritionally empty drinks. 2. Add ‘smart’ snacks – and reduce the junk food snacks.  If you can try to keep trigger foods out of the house and prepare by by having the good snacks readily available, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary calorie intake. 3. Add whole grains – and subtract the ‘white stuff’.  Whole grains take longer to digest and have kept the valuable nutrients.  White stuff, combined with sugar, can have addictive properties without any of the nutritional value! … Continue reading

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Gyms are Expensive – What are the Alternatives?

Did you know that keeping fit and healthy along with regular exercise can benefit your performance at work!  How? I hear you say!  Well, regular exercise can help you manage work-related pressures and help with better performance by preparing your body for times of stress. But gyms can be expensive, so here are some ways to get fit and healthy on a budget. Enjoy the outdoors alternative. There are many councils who have installed outdoor gyms.  Why not get on the internet, find your local outdoor gym and give it a go?  Once you know the equipment that they have you can look up some workouts to try. Lace up and hit the road. Why not download the ‘Couch Potato to 5k’ and give it go?  A pair of trainers is all you need.  There are programs that are between … Continue reading

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Ten ways to get off the exercise and weight loss plateau

Are you struggling to get results with your exercising?  Are you in a rut and doing the same old thing, the same old way – stuck on a plateau?  Your body gets used to exercise and unless you mix it up all the time, you may reach a plateau – so here’s what you can do to beat the plateau. Use the same muscle, but with a different move. For example: tri-cep pull downs – change to a tri-cep overhead move. Mix it up! Try different variations with more explosive moves.  Squats to jump squats or plank to an up down plank. You’ve got to love the workout that comes with interval training, but here’s the thing.  If you always do 1 minute on and 1 minute off again, your body will get used to this interval.  So make sure … Continue reading

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No time to exercise?

Many of us blame busy lifestyles and our families as reasons not to exercise.  “I haven’t got time” is one of the most common excuses that I hear as a trainer. Here are some suggestions to fit exercise into your day and make time for exercise: Make ‘yourself’ a priority with time for you. Get your diary out, find a gap and put ‘yourself’ into your diary.  Not the housework or extra work or your kids, but yourself! Find a workout buddy. You are far more likely to prioritise your fitness if you have someone participating with you in your exercise routine that you don’t want to let down. Pick a speedy workout. When people think of a workout, they think of the traditional hour or an hour and a half at the gym.  It doesn’t have to be that … Continue reading

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