Ten ways to get off the exercise and weight loss plateau

Are you struggling to get results with your exercising?  Are you in a rut and doing the same old thing, the same old way – stuck on a plateau?  Your body gets used to exercise and unless you mix it up all the time, you may reach a plateau – so here’s what you can do to beat the plateau. Use the same muscle, but with a different move. For example: tri-cep pull downs – change to a tri-cep overhead move. Mix it up! Try different variations with more explosive moves.  Squats to jump squats or plank to an up down plank. You’ve got to love the workout that comes with interval training, but here’s the thing.  If you always do 1 minute on and 1 minute off again, your body will get used to this interval.  So make sure … Continue reading

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No time to exercise?

Many of us blame busy lifestyles and our families as reasons not to exercise.  “I haven’t got time” is one of the most common excuses that I hear as a trainer. Here are some suggestions to fit exercise into your day and make time for exercise: Make ‘yourself’ a priority with time for you. Get your diary out, find a gap and put ‘yourself’ into your diary.  Not the housework or extra work or your kids, but yourself! Find a workout buddy. You are far more likely to prioritise your fitness if you have someone participating with you in your exercise routine that you don’t want to let down. Pick a speedy workout. When people think of a workout, they think of the traditional hour or an hour and a half at the gym.  It doesn’t have to be that … Continue reading

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Avoiding the all or nothing approach on holiday …

So often when we finally get to a long-weekend of holiday away, we give up on all the progress we have made in the lead-up to the holiday.  Here’s a few tips for avoiding the ‘all or nothing’ approach when you’re on holiday or out of your usual routine. Listen to how you talk to yourself on holiday: Consider the negative conversations you have with yourself, about yourself. Don’t talk down to yourself.  Talk yourself up; be positive about those things which are okay – especially on holiday. Establish a routine – especially on holiday. You can’t go from the ‘eating small portions’ at home to ‘having it all’ on holiday. You’ll undo all your efforts in a few days of your holiday. Choose a few ‘must dos’ – especially on holiday. It’s still important to do a few key … Continue reading

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Ten different ways to use to getting healthy

We often talk about getting fit and healthy in ways such as; watch what you eat, get exercising, drink more water, etc., but we often miss out on other ideas and ways to improve both our health and our mood that can be equally effective and beneficial to the ‘usual’ actions. Sleep! Getting enough sleep will help prevent us from snacking and reaching for the sweet foods and the caffeine as much.  When we are tired, we often reach for the caffeine and sugar to give us a boost.  A good night’s sleep can reduce our cravings. Veggie City. We have always been told to get our ‘5 a day’ in.  These days we would advise that you ‘eat the colours of the rainbow’, i.e. lots of different coloured veggies to ensure that we get all the vitamins and minerals … Continue reading

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To detox or not to detox?

We hear lots of differing views on detoxing/detoxification; about how good it is to cleanse your body every so many weeks or months.  And then there is the opposite point of view which suggests that it’s really bad for you, that fad diets don’t work; and on and on the debate goes. So what is a detox? Detoxing is about eating simple, whole foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.  Remove the hidden fats, sugars and salts, processed foods and junk foods from your regular diet.  The idea is that taking out all the foods out that ‘inflame’ (cause inflammation in) the body and organs can help rid your body of toxins and increase your metabolism. Who should do a detox? It is NOT suitable for anyone underweight or with a significant health issue like diabetes or colitis.  If … Continue reading

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Why drinking water works?

How often do you hear the phrase ‘drink more water’, ‘get at least 8 glasses down you every day’.? Do you ever wonder why and how scientists have arrived at this particular amount of water and what benefits drinking water has? Around 65% of your body weight is made up of water and it performs roles such as carrying nutrients, lubricating joints and regulating your body’s temperature. Here are some great reasons to get supping … It helps you to exercise. Water fuels your muscles and helps your body exercise; it also reduces the chance of getting cramps. It boots your metabolism. Research has shown that drinking half a litre of water within 30-40 minutes of exercise can increase how fast your body burns calories by up to 30%. It’s good for your immunity. Drinking water can help to prevent … Continue reading

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Wine o’clock?

Many of us settle down to an evening of relaxing with a glass of wine, and, in the last five years, indications are that more and more women are turning to alcohol to help them relax and de-stress from their day. Drinking at Home It has become socially acceptable to sit in of an evening time watching TV and enjoying a glass of wine.  Half a bottle of wine a night adds up to 29.4 units a week; which is more than double the recommended units a week. A Problem or Not? If you think that you are drinking too much, then sit down and have a think.  Be very honest with yourself. Do you drink most evenings? Do you reward yourself with an alcoholic drink? Do you feel the need to finish a bottle of wine even if you … Continue reading

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The Paleo diet

The Paleo way of eating has been described as the ‘original caveman’ diet.  The principle is that you only eat foods that would have been available in the Paleolithic Era.  The main foods are meat, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, vegetables and fruits, along with natural fats such as coconut or olive oil.  There is a vast list of foods which are off limits such as dairy, legumes, lentils, pulses, grains and cereals.  All refined carbohydrates and processed foods are also off the menu. Who is the Paleo diet god for? Paleo is great for people who want to feel healthier and quit sugar.  As it is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, it does keep you fuller for longer.  It is a long-term and sustainable way of eating if you embrace the principles.  It takes some time to get your … Continue reading

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What is a ‘gut boosting’ diet?

Gut health is a hot topic at the moment.  Poor gut health is linked to obesity, inflammation, low energy, low mood and some chronic conditions.  The diversity and abundance of your gut microbiome seems to have a direct link to these conditions.  Cutting out or limiting processed foods and added sugars, concentrating on a natural, wholefood diet with as much diversity as possible is recommended.  Lots of different fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes are the key to a gut healthy diet.  Prebiotic foods are important to include with foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, as prebiotics are also key to helping repair our gut health. Who is a gut healthy diet good for? People with digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and those who suffer with bloating, heart burn or stomach issues need to improve their gut health.  Those … Continue reading

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Top 10 things to know about cholesterol

With our modern Western diet, most of us have higher blood cholesterol than we should.  To be heart healthy our cholesterol level should be below 5mmol/L.  There is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol, so it is always a good idea to get your overall cholesterol readings broken down into good and bad levels to understand the full picture. Things to note: Long-term high cholesterol is bad for your heart. High cholesterol can lead to heart attack or stroke. Your health risk changes with age. As we get older our waistline expands and our cholesterol levels usually incease. Levels may be higher after holidays and festive periods. Ensuring you get back on track as soon as possible after a holiday can help ensure the spike is short lived. Checking your cholesterol takes only a couple of minutes. You can get a cholesterol … Continue reading

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