New year, new you?

It’s January and we all start out with the best intentions … I’m going to lose 2 stone in 2 months! I’m not going to drink any alcohol for the whole of January I’m starting a new exercise regime and I’ll work out 5 days a week Two weeks into January, everything’s fallen apart and we don’t know why – So take some time over the Christmas Break to ask yourself some questions – the more honest you can be with yourself the more likely you are to succeed when January comes along; set a goal and then ask yourself these questions What do I really want? Why do I want it? How am I going to achieve this goal? Is my goal realistic? Menu planning is the best way to keep on track – can I do that? What … Continue reading

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Enjoy the journey!

How do you keep motivated on your weight loss journey?  Here’s a story of one of my client’s who achieved great success – be inspired! A new client appears.  Very overweight, unfit and experiencing several health problems (a bad back, bad knees …).  At first, our working relationship wasn’t an easy one.  How do you provide a workout for someone who struggles to walk, can’t squat, and has no core strength?  Several sessions in and we needed a strategy.  So after a talk we found that simple counting worked.  We started with aiming for 20 squats.  It didn’t matter that it took a full five minutes just to do 20 squats – we celebrated the small victories! After that, a pattern emerged.  Every pound lost was a victory.  When a plateau was reached, we tried to work out why.  What’s … Continue reading

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Beating the January blues!

How to beat those January blues?  Christmas is past and we have all the right intentions for 2020 – It’s going to be my year! It’s the start of a new decade! I’m going to lose weight … I’m going to exercise regularly … I’ll enter a 5k, a marathon – or something else equally amazing. Then along comes the dark nights and grey weather and we have cash flow issues after our blow out at Christmas.  We get the blues and before we know it, it’s spring and all our good intentions have gone out the window… So how do we cope?  Here’s a few tips: Set realistic targets Change one thing at a time Celebrate your victories Don’t beat yourself up over minor slip ups If you implement one or two of these changes each week, slowly your … Continue reading

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Are you going sober for January?

So many of us choose to take on Dry January for our health and also to raise money for charity. I recently completed 4 months sober and here are some things that I learned which may help you during your dry January. Don’t fixate on the 1st February.  Many of us get through the month planning that night out.  Instead, enjoy each day of January – try new soft drinks and appreciate the better quality sleep. Many of us reach for a drink due to work stress, boredom, or simply celebrating a good day.  During Dry January look out for those triggers which lead you to want a drink.  Work on those triggers and find an alternative way of dealing with them. Don’t switch the bad habit for another bad habit.  A lot of people change the glass of wine … Continue reading

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Goal setting for 2020!

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time of year to take some time to set goals for 2020. Start by really thinking carefully about what you want to achieve for 2020 and beyond.  Is it weight loss, fitness, or running your first 5k…Whatever your goal is – you can do this! How to Set your Goals Start with working out exactly what you want to achieve. Set a time line to achieve your goal, making sure that you give yourself enough time to reach your goal. This gives you an ultimate goal! Now break this goal down into monthly segments, what exactly do you need to do each month to get yourself to the finish line. Take those monthly goals and break them down further into weekly goals, whether it be a certain number of exercise sessions per … Continue reading

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How to hire a personal trainer – think about it NOW for the New Year!

You wake up one day – possibly in the weeks leading up to Christmas, wishing that you weren’t as unfit or fat as you are – and decide that you need help and support in your fitness journey.  Where do you start? How do you choose who to help you? Male or Female?  Who works better for you?  Men are generally more ‘black and white’ in their thinking.  Women tend to have allow for a little ‘grey area’ in their thinking – so consider which approach would suit you best. Are you a member of a gym?  If so, there may be a personal trainer associated with the gym that you could meet up with for a free consultation, as most trainers will offer a free meeting. What about a Mobile gym? There are lots of ‘mobile’ personal trainers who … Continue reading

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Dreading the Christmas weight gain?

We all look forward to Christmas, parties, Advent calendars and all that food!  It’s a wonderful time of year, but a time that can turn into a stressful nightmare and plenty of unnecessary weight gain.  Here are our top 5 tips to help you maintain your weight over the holiday period … Planning – Menu planning for the Christmas period makes you think more about what you are eating.  Try to add in some healthy days, with salmon or a homemade turkey curry for example.  Maximising the healthy options and minimising the crisps and other processed goodies will help to avoid the weight gain. Limit the Chocolate – Christmas is a time of year where we all think it’s okay to eat chocolate, and lots of it!  Why not buy your favourite chocolates, and the trick is to only eat … Continue reading

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Blowing it all at the weekend, or in the run-up to Christmas?

Are you good all week? Do you eat well and avoid the booze? Then you get the Friday feeling, open a bottle of wine, order a takeaway and it’s all downhill until you start again Monday morning? Or in January, with December being a complete wipe-out? If this sounds like you then these tips may help Have a meal already prepared for Friday, that way when you get in from work, it’s all done and you aren’t too tempted for a takeaway. Watch your alcohol, the odd glass of wine is fine but be careful not to drink the whole bottle and ensure that you factor in the calories into your allowance. Tiredness, if you are very tired after a heavy week at work, use the weekend to catch up on some sleep.  Make some time for you and you … Continue reading

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Travel tips for weight loss

It’s a minefield if you regularly travel and are attempting to stay healthy and watch what you eat.  Or what if you’re going away to family for the Christmas period. Here are some helpful hints on how to travel and eat well when away from home. Plan your in-flight food. You can take food on a flight as long as it isn’t liquids.  Taking some fruit, nuts or veggie sticks to munch on can stop you reaching for the crisps or nut snacks that are often sold on flights. Check out your hotel menu.  Most hotels these days have menus available online.  Check before you arrive and plan what you are going to eat.  When you arrive you don’t need to look at the menu and so you avoid temptation. Hotel amenities.  Try and find a hotel that has a … Continue reading

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Top ten foods to help you cut your food budget

We can often assume that food needs to be fresh to be best; but don’t forgot some obvious staples that round out many a meal and don’t break the bank to purchase. Rice, especially brown rice: Loaded with fibre and with none of the good stuff removed, a better choice than white rice, and usually a little cheaper too. Lentils: Dried or ready-cooked in tins.  Lentils are low-fat, protein filled, and can be used in a variety of ways to fill out a meal. Tinned beans: Beans are loaded with fibre and protein.  They also absorb the flavours of the dish they accompany, can be mashed or included with salads, soups and stews. Wholemeal pasta: Wholemeal pasta has a much higher ratio of fibre than white pasta, helping you to eat less but feel fuller for longer. Canned fish: Preferably … Continue reading

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