Worry Work

Is your To Do List always filled with things like – birthday cards, phoning a friend, looking at holidays, preparing for Christmas?  These small jobs can soon mount up and leave you feeling overwhelmed, and you end up worrying about everyday jobs and coping with everything extra on your list.

Here are some helpful ways to tackle the workload without worrying too much.

  1. Write things down. Keep an up to date list of what you have to do and gain satisfaction from everything that you strike off that list.  Instead of feeling down about all that you have to do, concentrate on what you have achieved.
  2. Delegation! We can be very bad at asking for help.  Look at your list – are there some things that your partner or children can do?  If so, go on ask them, if you don’t ask – you don’t get!
  3. Stop feeling guilty. All too often we focus on what we haven’t done; the people we haven’t seen, etc., and those guilty feelings can bring our mood down.  If you haven’t time to see a friend of family member, then drop them a text or call and touch base.  Explain and make a date even if it’s in a few weeks time.  Most people will understand.
  4. Find time for yourself. Even if it’s twenty minutes a day, make sure you find some time.  A bath, or reading a book can help you to relax after a busy day.
  5. Mediation / Relaxation Techniques. If you feel the beginnings of ‘overwhelm’, then stop, take 5 minutes, practice some breathing, or have an app on your phone to help you breath and find calmness.  That 5 minutes will really help you stay focused and beat the worry.
  6. Talk to someone. Whether it be a friend or family member, if you are struggling, then stop and have a chat with a friend.  It will help to get those worries out in the open and finding a different perspective is important.
  7. We often focus on the biggest and most difficult task, which can bring us down.  Look at your list and split it into priorities.  What needs to be done urgently vs some ‘nice to haves’, which can wait.