Travel tips for weight loss

It’s a minefield if you regularly travel and are attempting to stay healthy and watch what you eat.  Or what if you’re going away to family for the Christmas period. Here are some helpful hints on how to travel and eat well when away from home.

  1. Plan your in-flight food. You can take food on a flight as long as it isn’t liquids.  Taking some fruit, nuts or veggie sticks to munch on can stop you reaching for the crisps or nut snacks that are often sold on flights.
  • Check out your hotel menu.  Most hotels these days have menus available online.  Check before you arrive and plan what you are going to eat.  When you arrive you don’t need to look at the menu and so you avoid temptation.
  • Hotel amenities.  Try and find a hotel that has a swimming pool or gym.  That way you can take advantage of some down-time and fit some exercise in.
  • Breakfast.  Always remember that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  There are many tempting buffet breakfasts, which can undermine our healthy eating habits.  A cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes are a great way to start the day.  Include plenty of protein to keep you full for longer. Or make your own smoothie if you’re staying with family or friends.
  • Lunch on the go.  Have a look around the area that you are staying.  Is there anywhere you can have a healthy lunch?  There are many take-out places such as Eat or Pret a Manger where you can get a healthier lunch than the traditional sandwich and crisps. Or pack your own picnic salad to enjoy.
  • Snacks.  Often when we travel and have meetings there are lots of biscuits and unhealthy snacks available.  If you make sure you have a filling breakfast, then you should be able to limit or turn down the biscuits with the mantra “Thanks but I’m not hungry”.

Preparation is the name of the game, plan your travel, prepare yourself and keep on track.