Top ten tips for budgeting while trying to lose weight

  1. Shop seasonally and shop locally; fruit and veg in season will always be cheaper than strawberries in winter!
  2. Use one food across various dishes; such as a good quality mince for a Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagne and Chilli dish.
  3. Use what you already have in your food cupboard; very often we have a hoard of tinned and packaged food hiding at the back of the cupboard.  Pick one item every few days and build a meal around it.
  4. Repeat the use of a main ingredient; pasta twice a week with a few different ingredients.  There’s no need to have seven different meals across a week.
  5. Look out for specials; look out for good deals and make up some passata with a glut of tomatoes, but don’t necessarily go for BOGOF’s.  A junk food option is costlier for your health over the long term.
  6. Shop around; get some exercise and walk a little further and into a few different shops to find the bargains.
  7. Bulk out your meals with vegetables; many items can bulk out a meal to make it go further without overpower the taste of the meal, such as zucchini, carrots, lentils and various beans.
  8. Shop online; keeps you focused on what you actually need and helps you not to impulse buy.
  9. Meal preparation; meal preparation forces you to budget and ensures that you’ve purchased enough for the week without running out and having to run back to the shop.
  10. Buy in bulk; This can often work out cheaper, particularly when buying meat and vegetables.