Tiny habits for big change!

Micro habits? Can they make a difference at all?  Well, yes.  The concept being that doing a little of something often, can be the key to achieving bigger health and life goals.

Imagine doing one small thing for even one minute every day, but over the course of a year, what a difference that would make.  Thirty crunches in one minute, for 365 days.  Probably you’ll be able to do more than 30 crunches in one minute by the end of the year, and be willing to do three, or four or even five minutes a day…

Or the idea of practising the same piano scale a few times every day.  You may well get the scale wrong every day for weeks on end or play it slowly for many months correctly.  But suddenly it will be like climbing a step.  The scale will seem easy, you’ll play it correctly and fast, and be able to move on to the next, more difficult scale.

Micro fitness.  Do ten sit-ups.  Climb one set of stairs.  Put on your running shoes.

Micro health tweaks.  Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.  Drink one more glass of water.  Add one more piece of fruit.