The Shrinkology Solution by Dr M Arroll & L Atkinson

Discover your eating type, lose weight and keep it off…

Do you understand the patters behind your eating?  If you did understand your behaviours and patterns when eating, you may be able to lose weight more easily.

A book to consider reading to help you think through your own reasons WHY you eat, is The Shrinkology Solution.  The Shrinkology Solution considers the ‘psychology of slim’ and ‘the missing piece in the weight-loss jigsaw.’

The key is to understand WHY you eat, rather than just focusing on WHAT you are eating.  It is possible to have some success on almost all diets, initially.  But if you don’t work out the WHY of your eating patterns, it will be difficult, more often than not, to stick to a diet long-term, and therefore, lose the weight for good.  Or even worse, you may loose a lot of weight, but when you come off the diet, you’ll put it all back on, because you ultimately haven’t changed your overall lifestyle and eating patterns to become a ‘way of life’ rather than just a ‘diet’ for a short.

The Shrinkology Solution considers six types off eaters: A gourmet, magpie, scrambler, traditional , rebel or a soother.

Understanding that there are many and varied things that influence how and why we eat, it stands to reason that keeping a food journal together with a mood diary may highlight patters that we can then examine against one of the six types. 

Food for thought – as they say.