Small changes for big results?

Small changes, that are incorporated consistently over the long term, can often bring big results.  Taking small steps instead of giant leaps will get your further on your wellness journey (remember the hare and the tortoise!)

A few ideas of some small changes that can have some dramatic, big results:

Add more water – reduce sugary soft drinks, fancy coffees, wine … Water keeps you hydrated without all the hidden calories of nutritionally empty drinks. More water is a small change, with big results.

Add smart snacks – reduce junk snacks.  (Keep trigger foods out of the house.  Prep by having the good snacks readily available). A small change, and leaving you with small change from not buying expensive treats on the run.

Add whole grains – subtract the ‘white stuff’.  Whole grains take longer to digest have kept the valuable nutrients.  White stuff, combined with sugar, can have addictive properties!

Add mindful eating – subtract mindless munching in front of the TV. If anything, consider giving up some TV (too much?).

Add a daily walk – subtract half an hour on social media. A small change, with huge results!

Add meal preparation – minus pre-packaged meals and takeaway