Six questions to ask when choosing a personal trainer

  1. What or where did you study your personal trainer qualifications?  Check your trainer’s qualifications against the REPs database at  A background in exercise science is preferable.
  2. Why should I choose you as my personal trainer?  An experienced trainer is happy to earn your trust, so ask them to lay out their experience and perhaps even offer a reference or two; especially references from people similar to you.  A reference from a 21 year old male weight trainer doesn’t help you if you’re a 45 year old woman who wants to get back into exercising after a break.
  3. Do you take continuing educational courses?  Fitness trends change fast.  A personal trainer should take a refresher course every three years.
  4. Could I speak to your clients whose goals are similar to mine?  Ask for a phone number so that you can speak to an actual person, as glowing testimonials are easy to forge on emails or websites.
  5. Will you do an assessment of my status before we begin?  A trainer should take your medical history and test your balance, mobility and strength, and understand where you are starting and what your goals and aspirations are.
  6. Do you have a trial package or refund policy?  You should never feel pressured into bulk buy sessions, or up-front payment in full before you’re sure you’re happy with the style of exercise and that your personalities gel.