Sandbells for weight loss

Sandbells for weightloss? What’s a sandbell?

A sandbell?  Well, it’s a soft, stretchy disc filled with – sand!  You use them in similar ways to kettlebells or hand weights.  BUT, being flexible, they’re a lot easier on your hands and you won’t feel it quite the same way as when you drop a kettlebell on your foot!

Sandbells can also be cheaper to purchase than kettlebells, don’t take up so much space, and won’t get condensation and rust over time like your kettlebells might.

So why use weights when working out in the first place?  Weights help to develop good muscle tone, and helps increase the calories you burn in a given workout.  PLUS, as you develop muscle, you then burn calories for longer after your normal workout. 

Research suggests that strength training with weights also imporves brain function and reduces depression as you get older.

Adding strength training also helps with the growth of bone cells which help to build bone back up as we age.

AND, strength training with weights also helps you improve your balance.  Just imagine holding a sandbell above your head for any length of time.

So if you want to improve your overall health, bone density, balance, weight loss and brain function, consider using sandbells (or perhaps try out a big bag of rice to see how you like it!)