Mindful eating (Part 1)

Mindfulness is a term that’s really big thing these days and as buzz words go , causes a lot of confusion. Mindfulness is about living in the moment and appreciating everything around you. We spend much of our lives regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow instead of focusing on making the most of today.

When it comes to mindful eating, there are many strategies that we can consider. I’m not suggesting that we complete all of these, but pick one that works for us and give it a go!

1. Practice being consistent and practicing mindful eating is very important, so try concentrating on the first two mouthfuls first and work up eating mindfully all the time.
2. Chewing food properly. All too often we are pushed for time and we shovel our food in without chewing or tasting it properly. Chewing our food properly allows us to taste it properly and our stomach will tell us when we are full.
3. Drinking water. Having sips of water in between each mouthful will give you time in between each mouthful to appreciate the food and give us time to tell if we are full without over eating.
4. Fork down! Putting our fork down in between each mouthful will give us another strategy to give our stomach time to tell us that we’re full.
5. Eating with the wrong hand. This will be a hard and time consuming initially. Eating with the wrong hand will give us extra time to appreciate our meal.