Menu planning for health and weight loss

So many people today live very busy and chaotic lives.  They let that spill over into their eating habits.  Getting home from work late, opening the fridge and looking for inspiration isn’t a good idea.

Sit down at the weekend with your diary and decide when you have time to cook.  Plan your weekly menu with this time in mind and order your food online.  This will stop the special offers making their way into your trolley.

You can batch cook at weekends, then fridge or freezer portions.  Stir fry’s are healthy, quick and easy to cook.  Investing in a slow cooker may be a life-saver, meals can be on the side cooking away whilst you are at work.  Salmon and roasted vegetables is a lovely quick and easy dinner when you are short of time.

All in all an hour or so planning at the weekend can save you time and effort during the working week.  It can also keep you on track to eating healthily.