Know your stuff … when it comes to what you’re eating.

A few things that are important when considering what to eat. 

  1. Checking nutrition labels.  The order of the ingredients matters to your health.  The first ingredients on the list tend to be the ones that make up the majority of the product.  E.g. Sugar high on the list for sweets but is often within the top three ingredients in sauces, breads and dairy products.
  2. The fewer ingredients the better.  The longer the list of ingredients, the greater the chance is that everything is highly processed and full of additives and chemicals.
  3. Know what you’re eating. If you can’t pronounce it, or don’t know what it is, try another option, as it’s probably not worth eating.
  4.  Be wary of ‘buzz’ words.  Words such as nutritious, natural, wholefood, healthy.  There is not necessarily a clear indication of what these words really mean in relation to the packaged food item.
  5. Check your maths.  2% reduced-fat milk doesn’t mean that only 2% of the total is fat.  It means that 2% of the weight of the milk is fat, which actually means a different thing than what we assume it means.