If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it, don’t eat it!

“If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it, think twice about eating it.” Dr Michael Mosley. 

The idea being that there are so many processed and reinvented variations of ‘food’ available in the shops now, that it’s getting harder and harder to determine what is healthy vs what might be not.

More ways to eat healthy food …

A similar idea would be, “If it’s made in a plant (factory), don’t eat it; if it is a plant, eat it”.  The more natural, home grown or locally grown, home-made, unprocessed, unpackaged, unboxed food you can put on your plate, the better.

Writing out a meal plan for the coming week, shopping accordingly, and prepping in advance, can all go along way towards not being overwhelmed by cooking fresh produce from scratch.  If you made it, you know what’s in it!