Ideas for adding extra steps to your daily target

It can be hard trying to fit in those target 10,000 steps when we are at work all week and busy with the family.

Here are some easy ideas to help you reach your daily goal. Why not try implementing one at a time and see what a difference it makes to you.

  1. Take the stairs. It’s all too easy to jump in the lift or get on the escalators, so next time take the stairs. Those steps will add up really quickly.
  2. When you go shopping try to park as far away as possible from the shops and get those extra steps in.
  3. Housework can burn lots of calories and you will gain lots of steps, so gather up the hoover and get cracking.  To top it all, you get a clean house too!
  4. Everyone assumes that to burn calories you have to do hard-core exercise.  Why not find a dance class or similar activity that you enjoy.  You will still burn calories and have fun too.
  5. Step counters. There are many pedometers and step counters on the market.  I have a basic FitBit and I love it.  It tells me how many steps, how many miles I’ve covered, and even how I’ve slept.  It will encourage you to walk more.
  6. Co-workers. Instead of calling or emailing your co-workers, why not pay them a visit to get answers to your questions.  Every step counts.
  7. Take the long way. When going out for a walk, instead of taking the direct route, leave a few minutes earlier and take the long way round.
  8. Walking Meetings. When you have a meeting at work or even at home, why not suggest a ‘walking meeting’.  You get some fresh air, the work gets done and those calories and steps all add up.