How to hire a personal trainer – think about it NOW for the New Year!

You wake up one day – possibly in the weeks leading up to Christmas, wishing that you weren’t as unfit or fat as you are – and decide that you need help and support in your fitness journey.  Where do you start? How do you choose who to help you?

  1. Male or Female?  Who works better for you?  Men are generally more ‘black and white’ in their thinking.  Women tend to have allow for a little ‘grey area’ in their thinking – so consider which approach would suit you best.
  2. Are you a member of a gym?  If so, there may be a personal trainer associated with the gym that you could meet up with for a free consultation, as most trainers will offer a free meeting.
  3. What about a Mobile gym? There are lots of ‘mobile’ personal trainers who will come to your home or place of work for a session.  If you are time constrained and prefer your privacy, then this may be the right option for you.
  4. Prefer a Private gym?  Many personal trainers work out of a private gym.  This means no gym fees, better equipment than a mobile trainer is able to carry about, and privacy if you don’t like the usual gym environment.
  5. Connection!  This is the most important factor for me.  A personal trainer can have a major impact in your life.  They tend to be a person you take into your confidence, who can help you with diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Who will you connect with?
  6. Do your research.  Check the Internet or Facebook.  Look for testimonials and read about the personal trainer.  Can you relate to them? Do you like their manner?  Most websites and Facebook pages will give you an idea of a personal trainer’s personality and can help you work out whether you’ll have that all important ‘connection.’
  7. Price.  I wouldn’t advise deciding solely based on price.  Most personal trainers will have a range of packages to suit different incomes.  It is always worth meeting up for a chat.  Think about the cost as being an investment in your future – would you think nothing of spending £100-£150 on a night out, but balk at spending that on a personal trainer?  Cutting out on one or two nights a month might easily pay for several sessions a week with a personal trainer!

All of these factors can help you to find the right person to help you change your life!

Good luck

Clare xx