How to accept yourself now …

It is very easy to get caught up in the cycle of disliking your own body, having a low image of yourself or hating your body because it can never be as good as the images we see day in and day out in the media.  We have to work hard to start liking ourselves as we are (not meaning we don’t have to work at exercise and well-being, but rather in the way of not accepting the cultural norms of what a good body supposedly looks like.  Think Dove adverts, not Vogue magazines …

Here are a few tips to help yourself.

  1. Get rid of social media – or at least unfollow and unlike pages, blogs and #tags that make you think about your appearance unnecessarily, make you dissatisfied with your looks, or promote products that will ‘make you look and feel’ like the model in the picture.
  2. Don’t talk fat!  Being overly preoccupied with your current fatness does nothing to improve your ability to accept yourself as you are.  Being down on yourself is a vicious circle.
  3. Dress up – making an effort with your appearance can help you feel good about yourself as you are now, not as you want to be later after some ‘magic pill’ makes you feel good.  Sticking to the trakkie dacks and Ugg boots is great for keeping warm at home, but probably isn’t a helpful look and feel when out and about.
  4. Stop hording the ‘thin’ clothes.  Having a pile of clothes in the corner of the closet that we might fit into ‘one day’ doesn’t do anything to encourage us in the now.  Have a good clear out of the closet.  Keep the clothes that fit well and look good on your now!