Healthy eating shopping tips

If you are trying to eat healthily and lose a few pounds, the weekly supermarket trip can be a regular nightmare!

Here are some helpful hints to keep you on track simply by checking what you put into your shopping basket…


  1. Planning – Make sure you have planned your meals and have a complete list of all foods that you need when you go shopping.
  2. Hunger – Never go shopping when you are hungry.  It will lead you down the naughty aisles!
  3. Perimeter – The healthy foods are normally around the outside of the shop, so avoid shopping in the middle aisles wherever possible.
  4. Sabotage – Don’t be tempted by your other half or your children to pick up those naughty snacks. Ensure your family are on board and supporting you – or just don’t take them shopping!
  5. Special Offers – Supermarkets are very good at their special offers and most of the time they are on foods which we are trying to avoid. Don’t be tempted by the deals and avoid the ends of the aisles which have the most offers on display.

Follow these tips and you will find your shopping basket is filled with more healthy options and you will save some pennies too!