Health ideas from around the world …

We always learn a thing or two about healthy eating from other cultures; if anything, it will add a bit of zing, spice and interest to your meals … Here are a few ideas to incorporate.

East Africans incorporate whole grains as a staple food.  Whole grains are a good source of fibre and protein. Just a healthy way to eat.

The Amazonians eat a multitude of seeds and nuts which are high in essential fatty acids which keep the blood vessels and nerves healthy.  They call this the ‘jungle effect’ and a quick way to eat healthy.

The Swiss think beyond the gym.  They make exercise as a regular part of their daily routines.  The average Swiss person walks twice as far as the average person and they love to hike.  The little ‘extra’ things like getting off a bus stop earlier add up over time are all good, healthy ideas.

Thailand is renown for their vigorous massages and massages are their primary treatment for all aches and pains.  A massage can even be thought of as a treat instead of eating something unhealthy!

In the Arctic Circle fish is the main source of food.  Cold water fish are ‘fatty’ fish and these keep depression at bay.

In the Netherlands there are more bicycles per capita than any other European country.  The Dutch treat cycling as a mode of transport rather than exercise, but of course, it is still exercise!