Goal setting for 2020!

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time of year to take some time to set goals for 2020.

Start by really thinking carefully about what you want to achieve for 2020 and beyond.  Is it weight loss, fitness, or running your first 5k…Whatever your goal is – you can do this!

How to Set your Goals

  1. Start with working out exactly what you want to achieve.
  2. Set a time line to achieve your goal, making sure that you give yourself enough time to reach your goal.
  3. This gives you an ultimate goal! Now break this goal down into monthly segments, what exactly do you need to do each month to get yourself to the finish line.
  4. Take those monthly goals and break them down further into weekly goals, whether it be a certain number of exercise sessions per week, or planning your meals and ensuring that you stick to the plan.
  5. Weekly goals now need to be broken down into daily actions that you need to complete to ensure that your bigger goals are met.
  6. Be accountable.  Find someone, a partner, a friend, a personal trainer or anyone you are comfortable with and decide how you will be accountable to them.
  7. Maintain positive thinking when describing the goal! Focus on what you can do, how your goal will make you feel, and if need be write down those feelings. 
  8. Reflect. Each day sit down and think about your day; what went well, what didn’t go so well.  What can you do to ensure that each day goes as well as it can.
  9. Enjoy! It is vital to enjoy your journey.  If you hate every minute of the day, then it will be so much harder to achieve your goal.  Find exercise you like, or food that you like eating, and stick to a formula that actually works for you.

Wishing you plenty of family time and memory making occasions over the Christmas and New Year!