Fitness crazes from around the world …

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, or just want to add in a few new ideas to your regular exercise habits, why not try a few ideas from fitness crazes from around the world.  Yes, they are genuine ideas!

Zuu – if you love animals; think frog squats, bear crawls, gorilla jumps – started in Australia for mums and dads who want to incorporate exercise with their kids.

Obstacle Training – think Ninja Warrior.  Run, swing and pull ups using your own body weight through various obstacles.  Started in Japan and now a craze worldwide.  Some people even build obstacle courses in their own back yards.

Napercise – not just a way to be lazy.  45% of adults don’t get enough shut-eye, and getting enough sleep is good for your overall health.

Boxing raves – A boxing session with a live DJ / Fight Klub style.  Started in the UK (where else?).

Boot camp with a conscience – Free, weekly classes for the homeless, helping them to make positive lifestyle choices and re-intergrate back into society.  Scotland for this first!

Aquacycle – A mix of aqua aerobics and spin class but in the pool.  A very low impact form of exercise while the water supports your weight.  Great for first time exercisers or those wanting to get back into exercise after an injury.  Started in the US.

Skateboarding Pilates – balancing using Pilates positions on a skateboard … a teenage version of Pilates, from France.

And we won’t go into ‘baby crawling’ from Minnesota, in the US.