Finding food you like for weight loss

Find food you like!

There has been a lot of news in the press lately about people giving up on diets because they are too restrictive or boring or too low calorie.

I often say to clients that a better way to lose weight is to find a way of eating that you enjoy and then work with that.

Here are some steps to help you find a way of eating that is possible to keep up over the long term and lose weight in a sustainable way.

  1. Get a list of foods and highlight the ones you really enjoy eating.
  2. Analyse that list. Do you lean more towards carbohydrates, or are you a meat and two veg type of person?  You may choose a Mediterranean style of eating with some good fats and colourful vegetables.
  3. Portion control: There are many examples on the internet of what your portion control should look like – take a look and find a portion control option that you will find easy to implement (e.g. the finger and fistful portion idea).
  4. If you prefer to count calories, then load up an app such as MyFitnessPal and get recording as this will help you track what you eat.
  5. You always need a form of exercise to help you lose weight, so set aside some time in your diary and get moving.
  6. We all need a treat now and again, so build that into your plan, whether it’s a glass of wine or a little chocolate, but make sure you count the calories and allow for that treat so you can continue losing weight.

It will be so much easier to get to your goal weight if you are eating the food you like and enjoy it.

If you need help with setting these goals and guidance on how to eat well, then contact me for a no obligation chat.