Feeling low? How can exercise help?

Many of us have periods where life gets difficult and we feel low.  Or it’s in the depths of winter and Christmas cheer feels a long way away. There are many studies which state that exercise can help but how, why and when???


Rhythmic, aerobic exercises, which use large muscle groups are shown to improve anxiety, depression and mood.

Running, aerobic classes, rowing, cycling and cross trainer can fit this bill.

How Long?

Just 10 minutes can lift your mood.  A longer 30 minute workout can help with anxiety and emotional stress.


Low to moderate intensity is best for getting benefits for depression and anxiety.  There are studies that show high intensity exercise can help with increasing mood.

How Often?

At least 2-3 times a week can show significant improvement in depression and stress.  Some studies show that it’s the overall volume of exercise, which can help – so little and often help to keep your mood higher.


Outside is often the best when dealing with depression.  Running outside can enhance the positive effects of exercise

Who With?

In a group, most people are more motivated to exercise in a group.  It’s all too common to become isolated and withdrawn if you are feeling low, so being around others can really help.