Enjoy the journey!

How do you keep motivated on your weight loss journey?  Here’s a story of one of my client’s who achieved great success – be inspired!

A new client appears.  Very overweight, unfit and experiencing several health problems (a bad back, bad knees …).  At first, our working relationship wasn’t an easy one.  How do you provide a workout for someone who struggles to walk, can’t squat, and has no core strength?  Several sessions in and we needed a strategy.  So after a talk we found that simple counting worked.  We started with aiming for 20 squats.  It didn’t matter that it took a full five minutes just to do 20 squats – we celebrated the small victories!

After that, a pattern emerged.  Every pound lost was a victory.  When a plateau was reached, we tried to work out why.  What’s different, what are we forgetting to do, and so on, until we could tweak the plan.  We continued with twice weekly personal trainer sessions and concentrated on small achievements and goals set for maintaining at home.

The end result?  5 months in and 4 stone lost, a 3 minute plank hold, 45 minutes of continuous running on the treadmill and good, clean eating maintained!

And what’s the ‘take-home’ from this story?

  1.  Enjoy the journey!
  2. Celebrate the small victories.
  3. Concentrate on what you can do well, not what you can’t do.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Be open to advise and tweak your diet and exercise plan when you reach a plateau.