Dreading the Christmas weight gain?

We all look forward to Christmas, parties, Advent calendars and all that food!  It’s a wonderful time of year, but a time that can turn into a stressful nightmare and plenty of unnecessary weight gain. 

Here are our top 5 tips to help you maintain your weight over the holiday period …

  1. Planning – Menu planning for the Christmas period makes you think more about what you are eating.  Try to add in some healthy days, with salmon or a homemade turkey curry for example.  Maximising the healthy options and minimising the crisps and other processed goodies will help to avoid the weight gain.
  • Limit the Chocolate – Christmas is a time of year where we all think it’s okay to eat chocolate, and lots of it!  Why not buy your favourite chocolates, and the trick is to only eat enough for Christmas Day, and savour the taste without the extra calories going straight to the waistline…
  • Water Down the Alcohol – After each alcoholic drink, have a glass of water; it helps to keep you hydrated and slows the alcohol intake down.
  • Walking it Off  – Plan a nice long walk each day – don’t let the weather put you off(!)  Wrap up warm, and if it’s raining, try the woods where there’s a lot of natural shelter.
  • Who’s going to Drive?  – Think about all those lovely parties that you get invited too.  Why not have a driving rota with friends and family?  You could choose to drive to a few  events and you’ll save yourself lots of calories!

We all want to have a wonderful Christmas.  It is a time to relax and enjoy time together.  Using these top tips can help you avoid gaining extra pounds over the holiday season. 

Happy Christmas x