Dealing with ‘Hangry’!


We’ve all heard of the saying – being ‘Hangry”. This is where being hungry can lead you to being short tempered and grumpy. If you are someone who suffers from this condition, here’s a guide to why this happens and how to deal with it.

As your body digests your last meal, the nutrients pass to your bloodstream, and from there they are distributed to your body and organs. As time passes after your last meal, your blood glucose level will drop. With some people this drop will send a message to your brain that this is a ‘life-threatening’ situation. It can lead to a drop in your concentration level and short temperedness.

Often the body can increase your adrenaline and cortisol hormones, increasing your stress levels, and making you grumpy.

There are some physiological factors involved in being hangry too, such as ‘being programmed’ to expect certain meal times, stress induced hunger rather than actual hunger, and even thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

Dealing with Hanger

1. Eating at regular intervals can prevent that drop in blood glucose.

2. If you do have a crash, then avoid the quick fix sugary foods and drinks and have some nutrient rich and natural foods.

3. Have a glass of water and see if that helps.

4. Remember that difficult situations cannot be fixed by eating foods. Why not do your best to deal with the situation without turning to food.

5. If you are restricting calories, then remember it will take up to a week for your body to get used to the new regime, so give it some time.