Cutting down on your use of plastic

Cutting down on your use of plastic is all over the media at the moment, particularly because it’s bad for the environment and damages wildlife.  But cutting down on plastic can also help you to eat more healthily!  Here are some ideas for cutting down on plastic, and how it helps you to stay healthier.  Perhaps a resolution for the new year?

  1. Buy loose, whole fruit and vegetables. By choosing loose fruit and vegetables, you can see how ripe it they are and by prepping the food yourself means they retain more nutrients than ready prepared foods.
  2. Make your own ready meals ahead. It’s all too easy to grab a ready meal when you’ve had a busy day. Remember the calories on a ready meal only have to be accurate within 25%, which is a huge variant.  You don’t really know what’s actually in them, and there is always added salt, sugar and preservatives.  If you have a busy week, then prep some food at the weekend and pop into the fridge or freezer for your own healthy ready meal.
  3. Avoid sugary treats. Foods such as flapjacks, ice cream, cakes and croissants are covered in plastic, but are also high in calories, fat and sugar.
  4. Make your own sandwiches. Choose high-fibre wholegrain bread, add your own healthy filling, and pop into a reusable container.
  5. Swap fizzy drinks for good old-fashioned water. Tis will cut down on plastic but also the calories and additives will be reduced too.  Buy a reusable water bottle.
  6. Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. There are lots of health benefits to eating whole fruit rather than drinking just the juice.  On top of that, the juice is normally in a plastic bottle, so you get the double benefit!
  7. Make time for a healthy breakfast at home, rather than grabbing something on the run.
  8. Buying in bulk can reduce the amount of plastic packaging and can often make your overall shopping cheaper too.
  9. Try and support local independent fruit and vegetable shops and markets. They buy in bulk and you can buy the exact amount of food that you need, and they mostly use paper packaging too.
  10. Why not try using the local milkman again? They still use glass bottles rather than the plastic.

All in all some of these changes aren’t practical for everyone, but just implementing one or two will improve your health and help the environment too.