Blowing it all at the weekend, or in the run-up to Christmas?

Are you good all week? Do you eat well and avoid the booze? Then you get the Friday feeling, open a bottle of wine, order a takeaway and it’s all downhill until you start again Monday morning? Or in January, with December being a complete wipe-out?

If this sounds like you then these tips may help

  1. Have a meal already prepared for Friday, that way when you get in from work, it’s all done and you aren’t too tempted for a takeaway.
  • Watch your alcohol, the odd glass of wine is fine but be careful not to drink the whole bottle and ensure that you factor in the calories into your allowance.
  • Tiredness, if you are very tired after a heavy week at work, use the weekend to catch up on some sleep.  Make some time for you and you can head into the following week fully charged and raring to go.
  • Make sure you have some time to get moving, exercise can be hard to fit in during the week, but you have lot’s of hours at the weekend to get a long walk or a swim in.
  • Ensure you eat regularly, often at weekends you are running around and miss a meal.  When you finally sit down, you are ravenous and eat anything and everything in sight. 
  • If you are going out for a meal, look at the menu online and decide what you are going to eat and stick to it.  Be extra good during the day so that you don’t overdo the calories and undo all the hard work from earlier in the week.