Beating the January blues!

How to beat those January blues?  Christmas is past and we have all the right intentions for 2020 – It’s going to be my year! It’s the start of a new decade! I’m going to lose weight … I’m going to exercise regularly … I’ll enter a 5k, a marathon – or something else equally amazing.

Then along comes the dark nights and grey weather and we have cash flow issues after our blow out at Christmas.  We get the blues and before we know it, it’s spring and all our good intentions have gone out the window…

So how do we cope?  Here’s a few tips:

Set realistic targets

Change one thing at a time

Celebrate your victories

Don’t beat yourself up over minor slip ups

If you implement one or two of these changes each week, slowly your habits will change, and over time you will feel better, be healthier, and will start to lose weight.

So go on, give it a try!