Are you going sober for January?

So many of us choose to take on Dry January for our health and also to raise money for charity. I recently completed 4 months sober and here are some things that I learned which may help you during your dry January.

  1. Don’t fixate on the 1st February.  Many of us get through the month planning that night out.  Instead, enjoy each day of January – try new soft drinks and appreciate the better quality sleep.
  2. Many of us reach for a drink due to work stress, boredom, or simply celebrating a good day.  During Dry January look out for those triggers which lead you to want a drink.  Work on those triggers and find an alternative way of dealing with them.
  3. Don’t switch the bad habit for another bad habit.  A lot of people change the glass of wine for a bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream.  It really is best to break that habit down and get rid of it completely.  Think of the extra pounds that will melt away as a result.
  4. Enjoy exercise more; you won’t be dehydrated so you should perform better.
  5. Set a goal to work on – it could be exercise based, or you could cook a meal from scratch more often, or set a realistic weight loss goal.

When you’ve completed your January challenge, don’t revert back to old habits.  Why not try only have a drink when you are out socially.  Embrace being ‘the driver’ and make use of those lovely new soft drinks you sampled in January.  Keep up good, new habits and be proud of completing your challenge.