Are you a pendulum dieter?

Dieting is often a see-saw of eating habits, being strict and restrictive one day, and giving in and eating it all the next, i.e. going from one extreme of the pendulum swing (dieting) to the the opposite extreme of the pendulum swing (overeating).

What will work over the long-term is balanced eating (somewhere in the middle of the pendulum swing).

So it’s important to ask yourself some questions to determine where on the pendulum you usually hang, or to understand how you might be swinging from one end to the other …

  1. What steps can I take to stop myself swinging between dieting and overeating?
  2. What are the extremes about dieting that aren’t helpful?
  3. What are the extremes of over-eating that aren’t helpful?
  4. What is good about finding balance?
  5. What does balance look like for me?
  6. What does balance that I can sustain consistently and over the long-term look like for me?
  7. What would balance feel like for me?