A sober look at drinking at home …


We are heading into the Festive Season, where we might regularly have a few drinks. There is clear evidence of ‘average Jean’ having moved from drinking in the pub to drinking at home.  High prices at the pub, babysitting issues and the acceptability of drinking at home have all contributed to this trend.

If you are concerned that you are drinking too often or too much at home, here are some tips for cutting down your alcohol consumption

  1. Buy smaller glasses. Wine used to be served in 125 ml measures. Glasses now can easily take about one third of a bottle in a glass!
  2. Don’t drink with your meal. If you only drink wine with your meal, it may reduce the amount you drink, but your body will process the alcohol slower as the food intake slows down the absorption rate.
  3. Use an app! There are many phone apps available that help you to track your alcohol habits and intake, enabling you you to cut down gradually.
  4. Have a couple of alcohol free days a week. This gives your body and mind time to clear and recover.
  5. Don’t use alcohol for stress relief. If you’ve had a stressful day, why not go for a walk or hit the gym first? Make a bargain to only drink the amount of calories that you have burned at the gym.  This way you will drink less, and you will have boosted your metabolism, but best of all – you will probably want a glass of water instead after a gym workout.
  6. Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. If you struggle to sleep and use a glass of wine to help you drop off, remember that alcohol actually disturbs your sleep. It may help you drop off initially, but it will stop you falling into a deep sleep and consequently you will wake up more tired than usual.

If you are struggling to cut down and are worried about your alcohol intake, then we would advise that you talk to a professional.