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Tiny habits for big change!

Micro habits? Can they make a difference at all?  Well, yes.  The concept being that doing a little of something often, can be the key to achieving bigger health and life goals. Imagine doing one small thing for even one minute every day, but over the course of a year, what a difference that would make.  Thirty crunches in one minute, for 365 days.  Probably you’ll be able to do more than 30 crunches in one minute by the end of the year, and be willing to do three, or four or even five minutes a day… Or the idea of practising the same piano scale a few times every day.  You may well get the scale wrong every day for weeks on end or play it slowly for many months correctly.  But suddenly it will be like climbing a … Continue reading

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The power to change is in your hands…

“The power to change is in your hands and your hands only.  No one else can do it for you.” Dr Libby Weaver A few thoughts on taking control of your own health … Stop blaming others; seldom are others the real cause of our problems, and are only an excuse we use to stop us from taking responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in. Stop complaining; complaining only puts everything in a negative.  Try to see the glass half full rather than half empty, and perhaps the challenge will seem more achievable than insurmountable. Don’t take things too personally; it’s easy to be consumed with worrying about what others think about us or to take offense so easily that we can’t move on or try anything new. Live in the moment; living in the past keeps us from … Continue reading

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Know your stuff … when it comes to what you’re eating.

A few things that are important when considering what to eat.  Checking nutrition labels.  The order of the ingredients matters to your health.  The first ingredients on the list tend to be the ones that make up the majority of the product.  E.g. Sugar high on the list for sweets but is often within the top three ingredients in sauces, breads and dairy products. The fewer ingredients the better.  The longer the list of ingredients, the greater the chance is that everything is highly processed and full of additives and chemicals. Know what you’re eating. If you can’t pronounce it, or don’t know what it is, try another option, as it’s probably not worth eating.  Be wary of ‘buzz’ words.  Words such as nutritious, natural, wholefood, healthy.  There is not necessarily a clear indication of what these words really mean … Continue reading

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Believe in your own success!

“You need to believe you’ll be successful or you won’t be.  But you have to believe it before it happens.  Most people fail because they can’t keep this positive frame of mind until they actually manifest success.” – Randy Gage Mr Gage is a coach and he believes that anyone can succeed at anything they set their mind to! Believe you can! When you’re trying to lose weight and be healthy, a positive frame of mind and believing that you can actually reach your goal is one of the most important things to concentrate on. Top Tips Believe you can! Enjoy the journey. Don’t be scared of change; instead – embrace it. Don’t dwell on what you can’t have or missing are out on, concentrate on how good you feel. Only you can change you; no-one else.  Once you realize … Continue reading

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Sandbells for weight loss

Sandbells for weightloss? What’s a sandbell? A sandbell?  Well, it’s a soft, stretchy disc filled with – sand!  You use them in similar ways to kettlebells or hand weights.  BUT, being flexible, they’re a lot easier on your hands and you won’t feel it quite the same way as when you drop a kettlebell on your foot! Sandbells can also be cheaper to purchase than kettlebells, don’t take up so much space, and won’t get condensation and rust over time like your kettlebells might. So why use weights when working out in the first place?  Weights help to develop good muscle tone, and helps increase the calories you burn in a given workout.  PLUS, as you develop muscle, you then burn calories for longer after your normal workout.  Research suggests that strength training with weights also imporves brain function and … Continue reading

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Suggestions for low impact exercise …

Not everyone likes fast paced, high impact aerobics or Zumba, and as we get older, it is important to consider ways to look after our joints, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on exercise completely. Here are a few suggestions for low impact exercise:- Walking Low-impact aerobics Tai chi Elliptical trainer Stair climber Swimming Squats

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Walk your way to better health and weight loss

Want to start off a slow and steady exercise plan or fit more exercise in with simple walking?  Here are a few tips to make the most of a good walk:- Walk briskly – walking for exercise won’t necessarily be of any use if you’re just out for a Sunday afternoon stroll. Do intervals – Adding bursts of speed will burn more fat and you’ll get fitter faster.  For everyone minute of fast walking, follow with three minutes of normal walking and then repeat five times as you are able. Walk to a beat – High energy tunes will help you keep a good, fast pace.  Songs with around 115 to 120 beats per minute are best for walking. Walk on sand – The increased resistence increases the effort you need to keep your balance and stability so you burn … Continue reading

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How exercise helps you in more ways than one …

Sometimes exercise can seem a whole lot of effort for not very much payoff. But exercise can help you in many ways. Here are just a few of them… Regular exercise can lower incidence of depression and improve overall mental health, and can possibly reduce the slow down to Alzheimer’s. Exercise helps stop stress from building up and overwhelming us. Exercise helps to boost our immune system. Exercise supports a healthy liver function as you improve and process your blood circulation. You are less likely to develop heart disease as exercise helps to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain. Moving your body regularly can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Regularly moving and stretching can help to decrease general pain and discomfort from inactivity. Moving your muscles prevents the build up of fat within the muscle fibres, which leads … Continue reading

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Finding balance in your exercise and weight loss journey

Sometimes when starting a new exercise regime, or getting ‘back on the wagon’, or simply as we get older, we can sometimes overdo it on the exercise front.  To get stronger and fitter, it is important to get out of your comfort zone and work out hard, but it’s just as important to work in rest and regeneration as part of the exercise journey.  Otherwise, you may feel so tired and stiff, or potentially injure yourself, to a degree that you give up completely, which isn’t helpful over the long-term. To have a balanced approach to exercise includes:- Giving yourself time.  Don’t work the same muscle groups two days in a row.  Find alternating and interesting exercise plans or activities that work different parts of your body each day. Drink plenty of water.  Its important to replenish your body so … Continue reading

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What to do when you weight loss seems to have stalled?

What if you’re working out every day but you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?  Repeating the same type or intensity of exercise every day means your body adjusts and weight loss slows or stops.  Introduce activities of varying intensity levels or increase the duration on some of the days. Do you find yourself eating more on the days you exercise, effectively undoing some of the weight loss benefits of exercise?  Try not to think of needing to reward yourself with food for having exercised.  Make a healthy food choice to sustain yourself after exercise. Do you do no exercise in between your work-outs?  Or do even less every-day exercise as a result of having done ‘proper exercise’?  Incidental movement should be maintained, like taking the stairs, or walking during your lunch break, will build upon your regular exercise.

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