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Personal Coaching with Last Chance Workout

We Offer:

  • Permanent lifestyle changes where we work with you on your mind set, motivation and give you tools to make your transformation happen.
  • Full nutrition programmes, one to one training in our private gym, or private group training for those who like to work out with friends.
  • Personalised programs for you to work out at home to.

We push our clients to be the very best that they can be.
We can get you in the best shape of your life.

Fat Loss

Crash dieting and crazy exercise programs will lead clients to lose muscle and water weight, which is not healthy. We will advise you to cut back gradually on your diet and work hard in exercise – but not to excess. This will maximize your fat loss, which will lead to a leaner body and an improved fitness level.


Whether you embark on the 1-2-1 personal training program, private group training or even personalised programs at home, we work at the right level of intensity to get fat burning. We work on progression and improving performance to the highest levels possible for you. We will constantly challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.


Clean eating, minimising processed foods, and working out what your trigger foods are, and looking at ways to take them out of your diet completely, is the answer. We help you deal with trigger foods, such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Food diaries are provided, together with either a bespoke eating plan, or with ideas for changing your current diet over time.

Improving Performance

Constantly changing and always challenging you is the answer. We work very hard to ensure that workouts are not boring and clients are always striving to improve their performance.


Often clients come to us with long-term injuries – back and knee issues being the most common. We work with you to improve on your weaknesses and we have a fantastic physiotherapist who we recommend to clients who need specialist help.

Time Management

“I haven’t got time to eat well and exercise” is the most common excuse used by clients who are not achieving their goals. We will work with you on time management and you’ll receive advice on how to put exercise into your every day diary and make the most of your time.

Stress Levels

Clients with elevated stress levels will find that clean eating and exercise are much harder to achieve. We will look at stress levels and how to take them down a notch. This may be by preparing meals at the weekends, planning meals in advance, or even reducing the amount of they work.


Do you sleep badly? Wake every few hours? Struggle to get to sleep? Morning comes and you are exhausted. Out comes the caffeine and sugar to help you through the day. Sugar high, sugar low…low concentration, destructive diet. We help clients deal with bad sleep patterns and improve their diet to aid restful sleep.


How many people don’t have the energy to cook, go for a walk or even to sleep well?  Clients who struggle with energy will normally have foods or drinks in their diet which sap their energy levels. We will look at energy levels and different ways to help you boost them.


Hormones are often an issue in weight loss. Last Chance Workout have strong working relationships with specialists who deal with hormone imbalances and we will refer clients if we feel it necessary.

One pound a week = 4 stone a year

We believe that fitness can be fun.

Is it Easy?… Not really…

Does it get results?… ABSOLUTELY!

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One Body, One Life, So Let’s Get Fit!!


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Personal Coaching with Last Chance Workout